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Next Gen Impact Events

The virtual events platform of choice for impact
professionals and mission-first brands.

The Future of Impact Is Here


Impact World is a decentralised virtual events platform for social & environmental impact professionals and advocates working to protect and regenerate our ecosphere and all life on earth. With only 8 years left of the Decade of Action, we understand that to realise our 2030 mission, impact evangelists need a single digital events platform, a single apex through which the sector collectively can channel the full combined power of our communal wisdom and healing intention.


Above all, we must bring impact organisations out of their siloes around the world, and optimise the global solutions workflow to eliminate the repetition that is endemic to the sector. And we must unify the global workforce of each SDG by connecting the impact communities through best-in-class algorithms. And we must provide free and unrestricted access to purpose-built 3D collaboration campuses where SDG experts can congregate, debate, host events and share their SDG solutions.


Our platform was designed specifically to help events organisers and impact community founders to monetise their userbases, while providing powerful enhancing features to help their communities thrive. Our central mission is to accelerate the global regenerative renaissance by unifying and nurturing impact communities, their leaders and members, using cutting-edge decentralised events technology to unlock the future dream of peaceful, balanced living that all sentient life deserves.

Values & Ethics

Our Mission

To work in service to and empower impact community leaders and SDG-focused events organisers to build on your collective capabilities. To help ten million impact professionals find the partners, solutions and data they require to 10x their personal impact. To achieve B-Corp status. Public manifesto coming soon.

Trustless & Decentralised

We believe the future of social, finance and data is decentralised. Our trustless decentralised architecture means all data that users supply to our protocol remains the property of those users at all times. Our protocol also compensates users continuously for making their data available to others.

Deep Values

Our organisation is built on cast iron values of community, transparency, trust, integrity, unity, fidelity and alignment. Our mission-first philosophy is embedded in every fibre of our organisation from our recruitment and data policies and impact reporting right down to our systems architecture.


Impact Dedicated Events Platform

Next generation engagement engine driving impact.

Data Sharing Incentives

Earn a passive income for sharing your data.

3D Exhibition Stands

Exhibit your brand to the global impact community.

Collective Learning Algorithm

Autonomously license your IP to the marketplace.

Mobile Application

Access impact from everywhere.

3D Debating & Collaboration

Persistent metaverses for each SDG.

Autonomous Matchmaking

Perfect real-time event curation.

Next Gen Analytics

Gain deep insights to track your impact.

Our Team